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A beautiful sunset over the Kenyan wilderness

Let us match you with your perfect 4x4...

Not sure where to start? This guide is to help you think about what you want or need. 

Step 1: To camp or not to camp?

A fully equiped self drive land rover Kenya

Fully Equipped

For the adventure seeking travellers, take a fully equipped vehicle and set off on your own adventure. Have the option to camp only, or a mixture of camping and lodge hopping. 

Unequipped land rover hire Kenya


In Nairobi on business, or just need the vehicle minus any equipment? Then an unequipped vehicle is for you. 

Step 2: Tailor Made Itinerary or DIY?

Take the headache away from planning your adventure and follow one of our popular itineraries. Better yet, tell us what you want and we will make an itinerary unique to your needs.  If you are travelling as a family, click on the 'Family Adventures' link below to see our recommended family-friendly routes and lodges. 


Step 3: Guide, Driver or go it alone?

Professional guide in Kenya

Professional Guide

Taking a professional guide on your safari is a great way to maximize your experience. A professional guide can make your safari feel like a luxurious vacation, and will help you to truly appreciate the incredible array of wildlife  in Africa.

Local Kenyan safari guide

Driver / Chef / Safari Assistants

Having a Driver or Safari Assistant can mean you can really relax. Whether you would like help cooking, setting up tents, making fires or getting hot water ready for that evening shower, let our team help you. 

Step 4: View our Fleet

Black Leopard is proud to be Powered by Foleys. With 50 yrs+ in the 4×4 business in the UK (Foleys UK) and Kenya (Foleys East Africa), we have the experience of getting around the roads less travelled, knowledge of all the gear you will need for your vehicle and the support of in-country 4×4 specialists based in Nairobi.

You couldn’t be more supported on your adventure. 

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6. Land Cruiser (PNG) HD no background (transparent).png

Our Vehicles

View our full 4x4 fleet including vehicle features, standard equipment, camping equipment (if necessary), optional extras and pricing. 

Hopefully that has helped decide what you want.
Now, enquire here

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