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A beautiful lion in Kenya

Meet Our Experts

Professional Guide - Experienced Driver - Chef - Professional Photographer

We have a team of experts in the industry that can assist you on your way for all, or just part, of your trip.

Let us help you make the most of your adventure. 

Professional Guide

Being in the company of a professional guide takes your safari experience to another level. Their years of experience, and knowledge about the various wildlife habitats in Africa, and can provide invaluable insights about the animals and areas you might encounter during your safari. 

Dan Peel - Guide, Photographer, Driver in Kenya
Dan Peel - Guide, Photographer, Driver in Kenya

Dan Peel

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Professional Guide - Wildlife Photographer - Experienced Driver

Since growing up on a game farm in Zimbabwe Dan developed an insatiable appetite to learn more about the wilderness areas of Africa and the wildlife that inhabits them. This has naturally evolved into a finely tuned ability to be able to communicate this passion and understanding to guests lucky enough to travel with him. Despite his relative youth, Dan has completed his guide certifications across South Africa, Kenya and his native Zimbabwe. He now has an amazing +15 years experience across the continent in the process.

When he is not guiding private clients around Kenya, you will find him hanging out with Giza, the resident melanistic (black) leopard in Laikipia Wilderness Camp, where he is the resident professional guide. Among the guiding  fraternity and those in the know, it is widely acknowledged that the process to become a fully qualified guide in Zimbabwe is more rigorous than anywhere else. As important as qualifications are, it is the intangible nature of personality that separates the good from the great. And it is here where Dan shines brighter than many. In a world where egos can tend to inflate themselves, Dan’s humility and customer focused approach is evident immediately and forms the foundation for a safari of the highest standard.

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Safari Assistants

We have a large team here at Black Leopard ready and waiting for you. Our safari assistants can double up as drivers, help with meal prep and pitching tents, as well as providing insight in to the Kenyan way of life in the areas you find yourself. Our assistants are there to make your trip more comfortable, less physically demanding and stress free. Needing just particular help, see the options below.  

Experienced Drivers

Our drivers can provide you with peace of mind as you adventure, not to mention a more informative and enjoyable experience. Our drivers have a wealth of knowledge about the local geography, wildlife, and culture, which they can share with you throughout your journey. This can enhance your overall experience and provide you with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the area.

Local Kenyan safari drivers


If you're looking to enhance your travel experience and enjoy stress-free and top-quality food while you're away, it's definitely worth considering bringing a chef along for the ride. Our chefs also cater to any dietary requirements or preferences, ensuring that everyone in your group is well-fed and satisfied. Whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or just have a particular taste for certain foods, our chefs can tailor their menu to suit your needs.

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