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Take your family on a tour of Kenya

Your Family, Your Way

Taking a family holiday in Kenya is a very special memory making adventure. Black Leopard owners Livvy & Nick Foley were taken all over Africa as kids (in the 90s!) And now Nick and his wife Gemma have a family of their own and are bringing up their three children here in Kenya.  So jumping in a Landy and heading into the bush is a regular activity for all at Black Leopard and we know some great child friendly places, whichever route you take.

Kenya is a fabulous family destination for a number of reasons. It is a large country with a wide range of family-friendly attractions and activities to enjoy. The friendly and welcoming people of Kenya will make you feel right at home, and there are plenty of affordable places to stay that offers plenty of exciting and unique experiences, making it the perfect place to spend a family holiday.



Family adventures in Kenya

To camp or not?

Camping with kids in Kenya can be a fun and educational experience. Kenya has a diverse range of national parks and reserves, where you can enjoy nature and wildlife. However, it's important to take precautions and plan accordingly to make sure your children are safe and comfortable. We can assist you with that. 


Looking for that adventure packed holiday camping, making fires and being out in the wilderness? Or perhaps you envision arriving at a child friendly lodge where you can even get away for a quiet game drive or a romantic dinner whilst your children are being cared for, we can make it work for you. Each family dynamic is different and we can plan your trip with you and your children in mind. Depending on the children's ages, we recommend some camping and lodge-hopping works great together.

Need a driver /guide or childcare?

It is no secret, that adding in driving long distances with children is not everyone's idea of a relaxing holiday, so let us make it more than just a journey, let's make it the adventure that it is. The option to have a driver means you can relax just that little bit more and focus on the things & people you love, all whilst getting from A to B. As standard all our drivers do more than just drive, they can help you set up camp once you reach your destination, and also help with the preparing of meals as you go. For those seeking specialist knowledge along the way we also have a professional guide who can accompany you.

Black Leopard Owner Livvy has years of experience taking care of children of all ages and also has worked with children with learning difficulties. Before Black Leopard was founded, Livvy travelled around the world looking after children and she comes highly recommended. Now pair that with her experience of Kenya, plus extensive overland driving - she can be a nanny-driver-guide all in one, meaning that as parents, you are truly able to have a real break yourself and rest assured your children will be safely having a wonderful time! You can enlist her services for part of or all of your trip. We recommend contacting Livvy to see if this is something you might want.

Black Leopard also supply age-appropriate “Kiddy Safari Packs” keeping your children entertained on the roads and actively engaged whilst in the game reserves.

Now, where to go?

These are just a few suggestions to inspire a fun and fulfilling trip to Kenya, but there are even more great activities that could be added depending on the interests of the whole family!

Children on a Kenyan safari
Sun, sea and sand for kids in Africa


Hopefully we have ignited the desire inside you to make that trip of a lifetime.

In Nairobi, visit Giraffe Centre to interact with the endangered Rothchild Giraffes 
Explore the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage where kids can see baby elephants bottle-fed.


Head to Amboseli National Park and go on a game drive to spot elephants, lions, zebras, and other wild animals. Take plenty of pictures with the majestic elephants that what Amboseli National Park is famous for.

Head to the Ol Pejeta Conservancy where kids can learn about conservation efforts and animal protection. 
Visit the Chimpanzee Sanctuary where rescued chimpanzees can be seen.

Go on an authentic Maasai Mara Safari, and witness the Great Migration of Wildebeest between July and October. Even jump in a hot air balloon. 

Visit Hells Gate National park where you can do rock climb, hiking and mountain biking with stunning views. 


 Kenyan coast Watamu, Diani, Kilifi or Lamu Island. Walk along the stunning beach and enjoy the crystal white sands and clear waters of the Indian Ocean, snorkelling or scuba diving is also on offer. 




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