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The Story of Black Leopard

Co-owners Livvy and Nick were born into a life revolving around cars, mainly 4x4s including the classic Land Rover Defenders. Their Grandfather, Peter Foley started Foley SV in the UK in 1966. Peter's sons Paul Foley (Livvy and Nick's father) and his brother Stuart Foley now run Foley SV where they specialise in Land Rover Defenders. 


Livvy and Nick Foley were brought up on a farm in Zambia where their father Paul Foley owned Foley 4x4 Garage and Livingstone 4x4 Hire. Growing up amongst this has led Nick Foley to own and run his own garage Foley's East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya for the last 9 years. 


Growing up (and even nowadays), the most ideal holiday for this family, is getting in a car and setting off on an adventure. They have driven across Africa from Namibia to Malawi, from London to Timbuktu, Mali and again London to Cape Town, from South Africa to Kenya - you get the jist. Its a passion and in their blood.


We are called Black Leopard after the rare and elusive black leopard found in Kenya. Yes, Kenya has black leopards! The strength, agility, self-reliance, authenticity,  and rare beauty are all aspects we admire, and strive to live up to. 

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