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Toyota Prado 150

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Unequipped Hire (without camping equipment)

This Toyota Prado is built for the African terrain and our Only vehicle with an automatic transmission, making your driving experience smoother than ever before.  This vehicle is not available as fully equipped option. 

Vehicle Specifications

Make/Model: Toyota Prado

Year: 2009 

Transmission: Automatic

Power Steering: Yes

Petrol/Diesel Engine: Diesel

Cylinders/Cubic capacity: 4.2L 1HZ

Fuel Capacity: 150L

Seats: 5


Vehicle Accessories 

Roof Hatches: No

Extra fuel tank: No

Water tank: No

Roll-cage: No

Fridge: Yes 

Invertor: No

Radio/AUX/CD: Yes

Airconditioning/heating: Yes

Dual battery system: No

Second spare wheel: No 


Vehicle Tools 

Tow Rope: Yes 

Bottle Jack: Yes

Triangles: Yes

Fire Extinguisher: Yes

Selection of Tools:  Yes

Compressor: On Request

Tie Downs: No

Axe: No 

Spade: No

First Aid Kit: Yes


Here are some items that we do not supply as standard with our vehicles, but you are able to hire individually for your adventure:

PLEASE NOTE: The below equipment is subject to availability.

AMREF - Flying doctor (ambulance service in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda,Rwanda and Burundi)

Child seats 

Airport transfers 

Extra equipment

Smart phone with local Sim Card, preloaded with airtime & m-pesa. The phone can act as a Wifi device through hotspotting when in mobile signal.

Food shop starter pack so you can arrive and go.

Collect / drop off your vehicle to any location in and around Kenya 

Food hamper for special occasions. Think luxury picnic in the safari park! 

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per day

Daily Rate 



25+ days

Self Drive 





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